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האירוע יתקיים בתאריך
שני, 30 באפריל 2018
שעת התחלת האירוע:
08:30 - 13:00
מקום האירוע:
EAST, Meitav 13, Tel-Aviv
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Open Source World

Bigger Better Deeper

Open source systems have become an integrated part in all tech industries from Artificial intelligence through finance and edge computing. More and more companies and organizations that have learned OSS advantages are hunting for OSS solutions. 

Open Source World, the annual international conference for OSS, will host thought leaders, leading OSS companies and engineers and developers and will serve as a platform to learn, Collaborate and share new innovative ideas.

Who should attend?

  • Developers, Architects, Designers, Sys admins etc.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Development Professionals
  • Community Leaders and Managers
  • C-level Executives in Technology Companies
  • C-level Executives in Technology Roles (in all companies)
  • Vendors and Suppliers in the Open Source Ecosystem

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